4 Common Landlord Mistakes

landlord mistakes

As Property Managers we see a lot of landlords make the same mistakes over and over. Managing your own rental property can be challenging especially for first-time landlords. It is expected to make mistakes but some can be avoided. As property managers, we have years of experience, tools, and resources to effectively manage your property.…

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How to Successfully Market a Rental Property

Market a Rental Property

Learn How To Market a Rental Property Back in the day yard signs were the best way to find new tenants, unfortunately it isn’t that simple anymore. The way your property is marketed will have a huge impact on how fast it is rented and a critical factor in reducing a vacancy period. If you want to rent…

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Benefits Maintenance Softwares Give To Property Managers

Maintenance Property Meld

Maintenance – Property Meld Having a good Property Management company can be one of your greatest assets, and they are a critical factor in the success of your real estate investment. When hiring a Property Manager you need to choose a company that has all of the necessary tools to make your properties more profitable.…

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