Who is Responsible for Repairs at My Beaufort Rental Property?

Who is Responsible for Repairs at My Beaufort Rental Property? - Article Banner

When a repair or a replacement is needed at your Beaufort rental property, who is responsible for paying? 

Typically, it’s the landlord. However, there are plenty of cases where you can expect your tenants to be responsible for the work. 

The lease agreement and the understanding of expectations and responsibilities is especially critical. You want to be sure your tenants understand which repairs they will be responsible for financially. We also recommend that you set aside a savings or a reserve so you can budget for the repairs you need to pay for when you’re renting out a property.

Landlord Repair Responsibilities: Habitability and Maintenance

As a Beaufort rental property owner, you have a legal obligation to provide a rental home that’s safe, habitable, and well-maintained. You will be generally responsible for paying to repair and replace anything that’s damaged or not working before a tenant moves in. 

Not only do you have to provide all repairs prior to move-in, you also have to maintain the property throughout the lease term.  

During the tenancy, you can expect to pay for any repairs that are required to maintain the home and everything inside of it. If there’s an issue with the hot water or the air conditioning, you have a financial responsibility to fix it. When the washer stops working or the toilet starts running, you are required to respond and to pay any maintenance invoices that result from the work. 

Wear and Tear during Tenant Turnovers are a Landlord Responsibility 

You’ll also have to pay for any normal wear and tear after your tenant moves out. Those scuff marks on the wall, for example, cannot be taken out of the tenant’s security deposit. It’s reasonable that tenants will have furniture resting against a wall. Painting to cover those marks and any small nail holes from where pictures were hung are your responsibility. 

Tenants are responsible for any damage they leave. You’ll organize those repairs, but they’ll pay for it out of their security deposit. Wear and tear is different, and it’s your responsibility.

Tenants Are Responsible for Repairs They Caused

Pay for RepairBeaufort tenants are responsible for the cost of repairs if the damage to the rental property was caused by the tenants or their guests.

Maybe a window breaks during a softball game in the yard or a tenant’s child decides to color on the walls in magic marker. If that same child uses the door to the dishwasher as a trampoline and breaks it, you can expect your tenant to pay for the repair. 

It’s generally your responsibility as the owner to pay for maintenance and repairs. However, tenant damage is completely their responsibility. The lease agreement must hold them accountable for this. 

As we mentioned, tenants are also responsible for any damage they leave behind after moving out. You can charge this to their security deposit. Make sure you provide an itemized statement as well as any receipts or invoices for the work.

Still unsure about what you should be paying to repair and what your tenants should be repairing? We can help. Contact our team at Beaufort Rentals.