Tips to Keep Your Beaufort Rental Property Safe for You and Your Tenants

Tips to Keep Your Beaufort Rental Property Safe for You and Your Tenants - Article Banner

Keeping your Beaufort rental property safe has to be a priority when you’re placing tenants and even when the home is vacant. 

When we talk about safety, we’re also thinking about ways that you can keep your property safe from damage, deterioration, and risk. 

Here’s what we recommend when it comes to safety and your investment.

Turnovers Require New Keys

Change the locks on your doors every time a new tenant is moving in. 

This protects your tenant, and it also protects your property. You’ll collect keys from departing tenants, but you never know how many copies were made. 

Get new keys made or install smart locks or a digital keypad, which allows you to change the combination between tenants. You want to limit who has access to the property. 

Invest in Good Exterior Lighting at a Beaufort Rental Property 

A well-lit home is less likely to be victimized by thieves, burglars, and criminals. Studies have actually confirmed this. 

You’ll want a bright light at the property’s entrance. There should also be enough lighting on any walkways or paths from the parking area to the property. Tenants should always feel safe walking from the car to the home or the street to the home.

If you have parking areas, communal areas, or outbuildings, make sure they are well-lit. Consider installing motion lights, which will alert tenants that someone may be near the property. 

Locking all Doors and Windows 

Doors and windows need to open, close, and lock with ease. Install deadbolts on exterior doors as well as peepholes so tenants can see who is outside before they open the door. If there’s a sliding door or a screen door that provides access to the property, make sure an extra pin lock is installed, or deadbolt locks that secure to the track.

Video doorbells have become extremely popular, and you may want to consider installing them. Even if you don’t equip your property with this technology, always be willing to let your tenants take control of their own security by installing a video doorbell or any security system that makes them feel safe. 

This technology is great because tenants can check who is at their front door through an app, even when they’re not at home. This can be a benefit for you too, especially during vacancy periods. You’ll always have access to the front door when a video doorbell is installed. 

Keep Vacant Beaufort Rental Properties Safe 

Vacant rental properties are especially vulnerable to safety issues. There’s no one in the home to report maintenance issues or repair needs, which means a small leak that’s undetected can quickly turn into a major plumbing issue. 

Vacancy is also a problem because criminals will see an empty property as an opportunity. You might find your appliances stolen. There could be squatters taking up residence. You might find vandalism or damage due to people breaking in. 

Install security cameras or alarm systems. Conduct inspections every few days to ensure everything is in order. Talk to the neighbors and ask them to report any suspicious activity they may notice. 

Contact Property ManagementSafety is an important part of renting your property out to tenants. You’ll do a better job of attracting and retaining residents when they feel safe and secure in their home. 

Need help with this? We’re here. Contact our team at Beaufort Rentals and we’ll assess your safety situation and make some recommendations for improvements.