Tenant Benefit Package

Providing tenants with exceptional service and optimal benefits throughout their tenancy is our top priority. Our Resident Benefit Package was put into place to offer protection, convenience and pass on cost savings to you. This is a required package and will be billed as a monthly charge of $30.


For a flat monthly rate of $30 a month you will receive the following benefits:


24 Hour Access to Tenant Portal

You will have 24 hour access to an online portal where you can view your lease, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests 24/7.


Quarterly HVAC Filter Service

Changing HVAC filters is a requirement that you agree to when you sign a lease. With this assistance, you will receive filters mailed to your residence every 90 days. This saves 5-15% on your energy bill and helps ensure a clean. Healthy living environment.


Renters Insurance

Tenants are required to maintain renter’s insurance during their occupancy. When you sign your lease, you are automatically enrolled in this service. This service will cover $10,000 in Contents Coverage and $100,000 in Liability Coverage.


Free Credit Reporting of Rent Payments

Build your credit while making on time payments through your tenant portal. When you opt in for this service, your payments will be reported to the Credit Bureaus. This service is free of charge, and you may opt out at any time. 


Access to 24 hour Emergency Line

24 hours a day 7 days a week you will have access to our emergency maintenance line or any issues that constitute an emergency. We also offer quick tips on how to remedy the most common maintenance request on our website. 


Free Online Payments

Whether you set up payments for recurring or pay monthly by accessing your tenant portal, all accounts paid using your checking account information, your fees to use this service will be waived. If you use credit/credit card you will pay a 3.25% fee plus $2.95. 


One Time Waiver of Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF)

We understand that life can get hectic at times and a small oversight on financials can cause problems with your account. We offer to waive one NSF for the entire tenancy, up to $30 in value.


Lockbox Move In

If you are unable to meet us for your move inspection or unable to pick up keys from our office, we can provide you with the keys via a lockbox at any time convenient for you.


Home Buying Assistance

If you decide to purchase a home after renting with us, we will assist you in search and negotiation of terms on your new home with professional Buyers Agent representation through our Realtor partner(s).


Tenant Benefit Package is REQUIRED with all lease agreements with Beaufort Rentals, LLC. Tenant Benefit Package will be billed as a monthly charge of $30.00


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of this resident package

Unfortunately no, Beaufort Rentals, LLC includes the resident benefit package in ALL out tenant leases. We unfortunately can’t make any exceptions to this.


If I provided my own renters insurance can I opt out of the resident benefit Package?

No, Beaufort Rentals LLC included renter’s insurance in the renters benefit package to save on additional paperwork and we want all our tenants to be covered in cause of accident or damages. You may, however, add more coverage at your expense.