Should you hire a property manager or self-manage your property?

You just bought your first rental property, and you probably have the idea that a rental property is a hassle-free income. To be fair, from the outside looking in, it seems that property owners simply sit back and collect rent and don’t really do any additional work. Managing a property may seem easy, but don’t…

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What is Included in the Tenant Application Process in Beaufort, SC?

web page Screening

Choosing a tenant is both an art and a science. You’ll need to use the data that’s available to screen your applicants before offering someone a lease. Once you have a prospective tenant who is interested in applying for your property, collect an application fee and provide an application form that’s thorough. The application must…

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Lease Signing


The lease signing is your real introduction to the tenant. This is your opportunity to set up the standards and outline what your expectations are during the time they live in your property. The lease is a legally binding contract. It is a formal contract between the tenant and the property owner, or a representative…

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Tenant Onboarding Process


The tenant onboarding process is the tenant’s first impression of you as a landlord. This is where your tenant-landlord relationship will start. Remember customer satisfaction is the key to any business and property management is no exception. So, as a landlord, a good tenant relationship should be a priority. The tenant onboarding process is a…

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Helpful Hints to Market Your Beaufort, SC Rental Property Successfully

Helpful Hints

A good marketing strategy for your rental property will help you in a number of different ways. You’ll reach a larger pool of tenants, which means you’re likely to end up with a more qualified renter. You’ll rent your home quickly, which means you’ll save money on vacancy costs. And, you’ll have an opportunity to…

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Main Inspections You Should Conduct


Purchasing a rental home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make. You want to keep your investment in great shape. Lack of regular maintenance to your property could jeopardize its value. Property inspections are vital, and they can prevent problems before they become serious issues that can lead to costly repairs.…

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What Does a Beaufort Property Management Company Do for Landlords?

What does Beaufort Rentals Do

Every property management company provides a different level of services and customer care. We are a full-service management company which means we handle everything for our clients from start to finish. Today, we’re telling you what we do for our landlords and what you should expect from a Beaufort property management company.  Beaufort Marketing and…

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Tips For Tenant Screening


There are a lot of great tenants out there. People who are going to pay their rent on time, treat your rental property with respect and be responsible, but as every landlord knows not every tenant turns out that way. Tenant screening is a vital part of the leasing process. A thorough tenant screening is…

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