Reduce Vacancies


It is in your best interest to minimize the number of vacancies in your properties. You need to avoid vacancies because if a tenant isn’t paying rent then you are not receiving cash flow and you have to pay for the property’s monthly expenses. Ultimately you are losing money. You want to fill vacancies fast…

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Move-In and Move-Out Checklist for Landlords

Move-in Move-out Checklist

Are you ready to rent out your property to a new tenant? We strongly suggest that you provide your new tenant with a move-in & move-out checklist. This is a way to keep track of your rental property’s condition. When the tenant moves out the checklist will help you check for damage beyond normal wear and…

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Property Damage vs. Normal Wear & Tear


Do you know how to determine what are real damages v.s what is normal wear and tear? There is a fine line between what is actual damage and what is normal wear and tear. It takes a little bit of experience to distinguish damages and wear & tear. If not done properly it can cause…

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Collecting Rent Online


One of the most important aspects of property management is how you collect rent. As a landlord, you want to make it easy for your tenants to pay rent each month so that they don’t have any excuses for not paying their rent. But you also want to think about your safety and time. In…

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