Landlord Tips: Rent Collection

rent collection

A vital part of being a landlord is rent collection. Rent collection is more than just telling your tenants how much is due and when it is due. It is important that you have a good rent collection method in place for you and your tenants if you want to get paid on time.  An…

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How to keep your tenants happy!

tenants happy

A quality tenant impacts your profit overtime on your investment. It all starts with knowing the importance of screening. It is key that you conduct a criminal background check, credit check, rental history, verification, and income verification on each application. Choosing the wrong tenant will create stress, waste your time and you may lead to…

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Why Online Payment Is The Best

online payment

Rent collection is a very important factor when managing a property, so deciding what method you should use is a critical decision. There are many ways to collect rent but not all of them have the same benefits. You want a seamless and effortless rent collection method. Online payment is the best option out there.…

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