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Archive for July 2019


A vacancy is the number one cause of money loss. Property owners lose thousands of dollars because of prolonged vacancy periods. It is typically the highest expense for a rental property and you need to avoid them as much as possible.  A vacancy can happen for several reasons:   A tenant might decide to move because…

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Self-Manage Your Investment Property

Many property owners don’t want to hire a property management company to save a few dollars, but self-management comes with its own set of challenges. Property management requires a lot of time and energy. In order to decide what option is the best, you must be aware of and understand the duties you will be…

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Landlord Insurance

Whether you own one rental property or 200, you want to make sure you and your investments are properly protected. Global warming increases natural disasters. They are becoming more common, 2018 was the fourth-costliest year for natural disasters in history, according to MunichRe. They cost $160 billion, of which only half was insured. As a…

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What is Included in the Tenant Application Process in Beaufort, SC?

Choosing a tenant is both an art and a science. You’ll need to use the data that’s available to screen your applicants before offering someone a lease. Once you have a prospective tenant who is interested in applying for your property, collect an application fee and provide an application form that’s thorough. The application must…

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Lease Signing

The lease signing is your real introduction to the tenant. This is your opportunity to set up the standards and outline what your expectations are during the time they live in your property. The lease is a legally binding contract. It is a formal contract between the tenant and the property owner, or a representative…

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Tenant Onboarding Process

The tenant onboarding process is the tenant’s first impression of you as a landlord. This is where your tenant-landlord relationship will start. Remember customer satisfaction is the key to any business and property management is no exception. So, as a landlord, a good tenant relationship should be a priority. The tenant onboarding process is a…

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